Shenzhen Sparklet Software Technology Co., ltd. was founded in June 2017, focusing on the research and application of Software Technology. Aim to provide practical, reliable, efficient and elegant software solutions for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprise customers, to help improve customer performance. At the same time, the company also strongly supports the development and promotion of all kinds of software systems for the convenience and benefit of the people, contributing a force to improve the quality of information life of ordinary people.

We are a team composed of outstanding developers and UI designers professional Internet software development operations teams, members not only has a line of Internet companies, operators data center, the development of small and medium-sized private enterprises, startup/ops work experience, has a solid progress, the pursuit of perfection, the desire to heart by the user.

We create elegant and practical enterprise official website online mall and customized IT system for users, to help users use the Internet to increase revenue, use information technology to enhance enterprise competitiveness. We care about all the details that the user CARES about, do the product that the user wants most.

Our slogan is:Software defines the world, Information brightens life.

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